Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Effective PLM Implementation vs. implementation of effective PLM

PLM service providers allow you to design and put in place a digital platform to manage the lifecycle of the product you wish to bring forth. Good and experienced PLM consultants can help you with effective PLM implementation.  

The difference

Effective PLM implementation and implementation of effective PLM are two different concepts and not mere change in the sequence of words.
Effective PLM implementation requires bringing value to customers and their customers by implementing product launch processes and systems that are effective and result oriented.

How to achieve it?

An outside-in approach is a better way to understand the working of the organization. It is useful to begin from the customer as they are the reason for the existence of your business. It is important to pay heed to their feedback. You may get the feedback directly from your customers or indirectly through the sales process and customer support processes. They form the voice of customers. Accordingly, you need to work on aligning these processes with the product development processes which will ensure that you are able to achieve effective PLM implementation. It will necessitate implementing a strong sales process and customer support process and use the insights into developing a superior product development process.
This method is slightly different from the traditional method of PLM implementation that usually follows the inside-out approach and starts with the product data management and the other follow later on. This approach will ensure that your PLM is implemented effectively rather than ensuring an effective PLM.    


A good PLM service provider will ensure that an effective PLM is implemented rather than implementing the PLM effectively. Experienced PLM consultants tend to understand PLM in its true sense and analyze to ascertain the areas which matter the most to the customer. They are therefore able to align the processes accordingly to achieve an effective PLM. 

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